Search engine optimization or SEO is the prominent term among bloggers and internet surfers. Basically, it is the methodology to secure high ranks in search engines for your blog or website. It is all about getting organic traffic for a website to increase its visibility in different search engines. SEO includes lots of tactics, strategies, and techniques that a webmaster or blogger can use to increase the number of visitors to a blog or website. It is something magical that can bring your personal or professional website among top SERPs (search engine result pages). Some people hire professional SEO experts to get high rank for a blog but one can do it personally to save bucks for other things.

SEO is not the name of a single online marketing technique but it seems like a campaign that needs proper attention and hard work to get desired outcomes. There are two major types of SEO, one is on-page SEO and other is off-page SEO. On-page SEO is all about maintenance of your website and its elements like web pages, content, meta titles, meta tags and interlinking etc. Whereas, off-page SEO is all about getting strong backlinks from other online sources like social media and websites for your own blog or website.

Search engine optimization is not hard but requires proper work and attention to optimize your website for favorite search engines. It is all about your efforts to make sure that search engine will show your website or blog in top SERPs but a good starting point along with hard work provides you everything that you want. It is not a rocket science, but you must have good knowledge about how the search engine works and what SEO techniques would be highly beneficial to increase the visibility of a website in search engines. A lot of SEO tutorials and courses are also available on the internet that beginners can use to get basic guidance and a good starting point to do SEO properly.S

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